About Empress.One

We are collaborating a guild of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs, industry executives and highly capable tech-disruptors. Bridging leading women and men of the future and helping our members build their own imperial path. This is a circle of imaginative individuals connecting in a space for like-minded creators to develop meaningful networks, to inspire success and to ignite possibilities. Freed from conventional views of how women should be, nothing is off limits. We welcome men to take membership and firmly believe that more can be done when we unite!

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Panels, Roundtables, Strategic Intros, Professional Development, Leadership Training, Recruiting & Coaching, Video Interviews, Promotion of Your Professional Brand.

Meditation, Yoga, Book Readings, Inspirational Talks, Workshops to Support Your Goals.

Dinners, Breakfasts, Holiday Gatherings, Game Nights, Film & TV Viewings, Networking Receptions, Theater Outings, Curated Trips.


*Select events will require additional fees. Invites are subject to availability.