You and your friends are invited to Jan & Walter's Phantom Wedding Party on Friday, October 28!

From spooky cocktails to elegant party decor, enjoy the evening at our lounge located in the heart of Manhattan

Jan & Walter have been dead for years. Decades. They died on October 28, 1932, the night of their wedding in a tragic shoot out between Walter and one of Lucky Luciano’s guys who ran the brothel that Walter visited the week before as a last hurrah; in classic bad judgment, Walter stiffed the guy and the prostitute. Never stiff a pimp.

Anyway, all this happened on the ground where District CoWork now sits. (Just go with it). Jan & Walter’s ghosts have no literal clue that they’re dead (think Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense), and they’ve been hosting their dead, phantom, prohibition wedding every October 28th ever since.

So please join us in a festive night of phantom debauchery, death, horror, and revenge in celebrating Jan & Walter’s never-consumated wedding night ahead of All Hallows’ Eve