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  • 1204 Broadway
  • New York, NY, 10001
  • United States
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As we move into the longest night of the year, winter solstice, it is a good time to reconnect to ourselves, release what’s no longer serving us and set our intentions for our heart dreaming. Anita Celeste will be offering a transformative evening for recharging and realigning on a deeper level. In this guided journey, we will be connecting to Mother Earth and Source through the light of our hearts. Open to everyone at all levels and experience. Feel free to bring your journals for writing or sketchbooks for art. Join us for a celebration of hope, peace and the reawakening of our light within.

About: Anita Celeste is a meditation teacher, intuitive energy healer and branding expert in NYC. She has been involved in connecting the significance and benefits of meditation with creativity for many years. Her unique approach to guided meditation has supported many on their creative and spiritual journeys. View her website at www.anitaceleste.com.

itaminR’s Creative Holiday Mixer 8 - 9:30pm - stay after Anita’s beautiful guided meditation for VitaminR’s Official Holiday Party. Marcy and Kori invite your to mix and mingle with like-minded creative souls, trying out fun ice-breakers, party games and our signature team-building exercises, while enjoying essential oil experiences, Reiki and a little (or a lot!) of something sweet.