Your business has a voice… what’s your brand-speak? Entrepreneurs will be guided towards hyper-clear ideation for distinctive messaging. Expect valuable content that speaks to the nature of beings who just happen to be consumers and engage with interactive pairings and Q&A. Look forward to a newly focused set of guiding principles for complete confidence and clarity in communicating your brand voice in a way that no one else can.


About: Robin Vaughn is the Founder and Brand Voice Savant of WORDENTITY, the intersection where humanity flirts with consumerism through messaging. An extensive background in education, developing and conducting workshops in partnership with the NYC Department of Education and a ten-year overlap distilling marketing content into reader-friendly copy, facilitates her use of narrative tools as a springboard for vital brand messaging. During Robin’s early days as a copywriter and copyeditor, she answered to a supervisor who would accept nothing less than best practices, now cemented into her own process. WORDENTITY frequently works with those in Innovative Science and Technology and Children’s Media, as well as Lifestyle and Wellness verticals. She holds a BA in Dance with a minor in English from Hunter College – CUNY.