Live Your Life by Design in 2017 by Developing Your Health & Life Strategy

Ready to make 2017 your healthiest and most fulfilling year of your life?  We all set resolutions for better health and life changes each year.  Setting goals is easy, sticking with them is hard.  Join us to learn how to develop your life & health strategy and live your life by design in 2017.  

Whether it’s losing 20 lbs, going down to 4 dress sizes, getting fit again, traveling the world, or going after your life passions, we will coach you as we coach C-Level corporate executives on how to make changes stick and live the life you want.  Using Health Enovation’s Life by Strategic Design methods, we will focus on 5 areas of your life strategy to make change happen: external influences, internal drivers, personal preferences, natural talents, and available resources. We give you a remote control to your life to decide where you want to be in 2017. You will learn how to tune up or down these areas to reach success. 

ABOUT: Grace Lee is a strategy designer for corporate executives and health regulators with over 20 years of experience in health & life coaching, strategic advising, and change management in the pharmaceutical industry as well as diabetes, obesity, and mind/brain behavior research.  Through her unique Life by Design coaching methods, Grace has been coaching >100 health team members who have lost 10-50 lbs and kept it off for years or are running marathons now. She designs her life to enable her to travel to over 80 countries and run several businesses.  Her clients in life design have quit their corporate jobs and built their own businesses to run from anywhere in the world. She can’t wait to show you how you can do it too!

As the founder of Health Enovations, Inc, Grace has been the strategic advisor to FDA, Qatar Supreme Council of Health, and world's medical experts in diabetes & obesity on how to develop strategies and plans to reduce weight and improve health on a national level.  She has authored several publications on strategies and best practices in weight & diabetes management. She is a management consultant for C-level executives on designing integrated health strategies and implementing change management.  She was a presenter for Healthcare Business Women’s Association on change management.